Dario Alejandro Del Vibora , Ranger Sergeant

Enigmatic Masked Nazatirian



Human ( Nazatirian)






6 in.


10(4) +4 to soak


4 [Coins of the Seamstress-Daughter of the Merchant]

(^) Day in the Life

Boating d4, Fighting D6 , The Way D10 ^ , Knowledge, Magic D10 , Knowledge: Craft (Wood) D8 , Throwing D8 , Stealth D8 ^ , Notice D8 , Swimming D8+2^ , Knowledge: Cosmology D6^ , Repair D4 ^, Streetwise d4[in port]

Edges: Sea Borne, Training, Epic Destiny [ Arcane Artificer] ,

Enemy [Major] Red Store (Proprietor Luvon ), Greedy[minor] Stole money from Merchants? , Loyal l[ To those displaying similar loyalty/respect]

Bonus * ( Maelstorm Enemy)

Essense: 35


Ironwood Nazatiran Spike Bracers with Everwood spikes (Parry 4) Melee StrD4+3 AP 3
4/8/16 )

Bandolier of 12 Everwood Throwing Spikes ^

Special Abilities:

Defining Interests: Nazatiran Weaponry, Decorative Masks, Carpentry, Sleight of hand,

Contact: Rivain {Woodsman and collector of fine woods: Including Ironwood and Everwood}
Nazatir, Galean, Fae , Malakarian, Aradish

5 xp: Epic Destiny: Arcane Artificer

10 xp: Raise Smarts to D8

15 xp: Fast Learner

20 xp: Sea Dog

25 xp: Soul-Bounded Item [Family given Focus Crystal]

30 xp: Epic Destiny: Improved-Soul Bonded Item [ Family given Focus Crystal]

35 xp: Dreamdancer

40 xp: Expanding Understanding [ Applications: Bolt ]

45 xp: Raise Agility to D8

50 xp: Puppet

55 xp: Epic Destiny: Greater Soul bright [Family given Focus Crystal]

60 xp: Expanding Understanding [ Application: Puppet ]

65 XP: Hard to Resist

70 XP: Battle Hardened


Immigrated from Nazatir to the land of the Freelands since his father’s time, Viboras were bewitched with omens namely in the forms of being enthralled to the criminal element and a life-birth rate of adepts. Carlito Franz Del Vibora whom was his grandfather was an accomplished painter, member of the Dreamdancer guild, and infamous practitioner of the way through illusions mixed with his work of art for theft . Coincidentally the trade of the Viboras translated to artisans and by tradition every Vibora received a blue colored crysarium focus crystal; his own being aquamarine to say his father tanzanite or Grandfather’s ruspoli sapphire.

Lanthor became the home to the Viboras, dealing with a meager living as a carpenter while acting shifty and elusive in the streets as a means for better income. Avaricious from what treasures he reaped, especially efficiency within the way….. without attention fixated with clever ploys and taxing experiences of hiding it away with no focus crystal. Gambling was the bread and butter, even showing no adeptness to the art. Living life as a criminal in his teens, one gets overly confident and reckless with proficiency regardless how others perceive him. Like the troubles of his ancestors, he followed suit quickly with the talent to enthrall the movements of others forcefully. It was subtle changes that helped, but whom he cheated however was a different case entirely. A lanky, brutish looking M’adukar with long
black curly hair and a goatee to match. Unfortunately the person he robbed was a patron aligned to the Red store, the M’adukar known as Luvon facilitated as a Negotiator, known as adepts. Beaten within an inch of his life with a combination of the way and fancy blade work. Laid out, he miraculous survived the encounter. Stricken with revenge in mind, he sabotaged their operation later in a few establishments.

This earned their ire, soon told by fellow friends they were the Red store. Confidence went to fear, friends vanishing one by one. With what he stole he pushed his father to head to Galea, himself pushing to finish this. Though close to even in a battle of both martial combat and adept skills, Dario could not anticipate the sudden flurry of precise knife slashes that would overwhelm him. Gushing of blood and a notable head wound inflicted by him, it was only his brief moment to surprise him with a psionic lapse of essence to keep him occupied as he slithered away. He went in too deep and they wanted him dead. Leaving up north he would take the cloak, perhaps his skills would be redeemable under a new banter.

Dario Alejandro Del Vibora , Ranger Sergeant

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