Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

Personal Account from Ranger Del Vibora

Nightmare from the Woods

Dear Headquarters,

12th to 14th of Harvest Moon

Leaving that horrific cave of destruction, haunted by the thought of what occurred to the Eldakar Sorcerer. Plunging into the confine of his mind it was distressed, pondering on the whereabouts with a clue of seeking a home from a mysterious master. Gratien demonstrated his savvy nature of the woodlands, tracking some large tracks. Someplace during our travels we released the prisoners and from there approached a mysterious tower

Creeping up upon us was a black blob of unknown origin, imploring us to leave these woods, myself receiving some backlash from exploring his mind. Something hostile lurked , signaling to Corporal Darcassion to take this creature out. Unfortunately the power emitted from his bow clashed with his first shot, taking some damage along the way. Corporal Whit unleashed the fury of his boiling oil, looking unfazed in the darkened cloak of slime. We started to spread out, and the monstrosity in black attacked. Crushing the ribcage of Gratien, his screams bellowing.

Ranger Ash uncovered his true form through his summonings of the light, revealing something too grotesque to describe. This Chimera forged creatures out of nightmares, grafting an Eldakar head onto the imposing form of a giant troll. Explaining the difficulity we faced, I stayed frozen near my horse in what cover I can afford. The Koridian rushed off in the opposite direction, not that I can blame him.

Aodh and Mavi continued their frontal assault, however a few experienced with this beast knew of their tough hide and rapid regeneration. The magi fused with him augmented his defenses with darkness and some mythical shielding to make evading our attacks easier. Ash took some wear and tear, yet the state of his wounds were mainly scrapes and slight bruises. The Alakar druidness Fawn startled everyone in the forest, leaving it vulnerable with a trained shot of life energies to puncture through his magics. We needed to kill it with haste, myself sniping from sight with an invisible strike from the distance, developing a hole through the small head and dropping him.

Mavi being the faithful servant to religion severed his head off with his white-silver blade to enable mercy onto him. Time was spent tending to the wounds of Gratien, meanwhile on the campground the magi resurfaced. In ghost form he revealed the tower to belong to his Master of the Arcane arts and that Cragen Arvin the builder was the one who did the experiment on the magi whom we fought at that base in the cave. Leading the Eldakar to the building, he returned with an everwood stave. That thing will give me nightmares for days to come.

Your Welcome,

Dario Alejandro Del Vibora



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