Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

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Session 1
A new ranger outpost

Rangers Participating : Rallidon Fyrforg, Sergeant, Neoveilius Orsino, Ranger, Aodh Raganhar, Gratien Lucien Frédéric Lambert Bonné, Ranger, Shaumar Deathblade

1st to 15th of Planting Moons

Shaumar’s glistening, purple wings shake off the drops of rain water from his journey. “I’m finally out of that rain” He said to himself. He eyed the trees, “Everything looks so pure…” He wandered around off the path for a moment, taking in the flora of the land elves’ home. His mind rushed back to flying through the aerie peaks with his people. He saw valleys, and sometimes even blankets of trees. Everything was always bordered with sky or rock. He grinned to himself, “If only some of them could see this world.” He shook his head, and let his grin go, “No time to go solemn.” He squinted his eyes, seeing beyond the trees, “There’s always something waiting for me out there.” He stretched out his shimmering wings, and with nothing but a spring’s breeze he took off into the sky. “Seven meters above the treeline should be good enough.” The speeds he could reach were always so much more than back at the aerie. There he would have to weave around peaks, here it was like flying over a sea of trees. “There it is…” He looked off into a group of trees, slightly taller than the rest. The capabilities of the land fae always amazed him. Every hut was built with the tree. Branches seemed to grow as support beams, leaves covering the roofs. Some of them didn’t even have doors, “How welcoming…”

Shaumar flew down to where he thought the rangers station would be. “No way they would let us strangers stay up in the trees with them, that would be too nice.” He shivered slightly when he glanced upon the stables. Not nearly of the same make as the fae craft, some of the parts even seemed to be made with stone. “Human craft.” He audibly scoffed, as he walked into the stables. “Greetings my fellow rangers! I have arrived!” His voice echoed through the stables, startling some of the horses. He tilted his head, “You do not look as though you can wield a weapon Ser Horse.” He let loose a small chuckle and then walked outside to a guard checking up on the horses. “Hello friend, I am a ranger sent to these parts. Do you happen to know where I’m supposed to go from here?” No response, just a confused stare, “Yes, I was just introducing myself to the horses, and…” Shaumar snapped his fingers in front of the befuddled fae’s face. “Yes, I’m an Aevakar, pretty aren’t they.” He stretched out his wings, and hovered in the sky for a moment before landing again, “Now if you’d please, my new home?” The guard shook his head and pointed off to another fairly rickety, but acceptable building. “Thank you, and may your skies be forever free.”

Shaumar walked into the Ranger station, and noticed a gruff dwarf before him. “Hi…” The dwarf looked up to him, and grunted, “And you are?” A welcoming tone, with a strong authority, he must be my lieutenant. “I’m Shaumar Deathblade. I’ve been sent to this ranger station.” Shaumar eyed him up and down, even though short in stature, he looked powerful. Like a midget bear. Land beasts are baffling. “This is the right place. I’m Sergeant Fyrforg. Pick a bunk, and get to work. We have to get this place respectable in a month. Go.”
“Yes sir.” Shaumar Replied.
“Sergeant.” Replied the dwarf with a slightly annoyed tone.
“Sergeant… sorry.” Shaumar then walked off to try and find the safest looking bunk. Walking past the others, not speaking, just watching. Several other gruff looking land beasts setting up their bunks. Shaumar did have to take a double take with one. “Is that a woman?” He thought to himself. “No… wow.” He then left to place his belongings, a few books and reading candles, in his new roost. “This simply won’t do. Sarge!!! I’m going out to gather supplies!” Shaumar harvest whatever flora he found to be aestheically pleasing, and set them up in his roost. Eventually he got the smell right, a crisp smell of lavender that seemed to be carried through the skies of his homeland. He took the final week of the month reading his books, trying to find out the local stories of the area. Then one morning Shaumar was awakened to the sound of the Sergeant yelling, “Get yer asses out of bed! We’ve got a mission!” Shaumar hopped out of bed, and walked over to the growing group of rangers. “Some people have gone missing, and we need to get them back. Meet back here in an hour once you’ve found out where they’ve gone.”

The group started heading out towards GreenTree, where they were last sighted. Shaumar decided to take to the skies as to scout out any enemies before they arrived. Then the winds started to pick up. The group signaled him, and he landed. “We have an unknown force off in the distance.” Shaumar didn’t like the smell in the air. The stink of ozone was getting stronger and stronger, then Sarge picked up, “Get ready for a fight!” We took our stances, and off in the distances were beings made of pure electricity. Fascinating!!! “If you have any magic weapons hit ‘em with all you’ve got! The wind tunnel will dissipate when we’ve ended ’em.” The group all bounded out on their horses, charging into the fray. Shaumar stood back, and cleared his mind. His voice deepened and began to chant the words necessary to open the channels of aether. His hands grasped at invisible clouds, his gestures ripping apart the barrier to where his power was held. His hands swirled around into a circular portal. He compressed the aether energy into a single bolt, and unleashed it at the beasts of electricity. After some time, they were defeated, and we continued on as though nothing had happened. That’s the life of a ranger I suppose.

After some more travel, we heard some yelling in the distance. Rushing to it, we saw the missing villagers running from more lightning beasts. This time there seemed to be a summoner. Again we swarmed out, slashing at them with steel and spell, easily ending their existence.

((I didn’t remember all of the battle details… partially because it was embarassing for Shaumar, and who wants that written down? lol So sorry for the short battle sequences. :D))

Session 2
That Dirty Rat!!!

Report of Ranger Neoveilius Orsino

Rangers on Mission : Rallidon Fyrforg, Sergeant, Neoveilius Orsino, Ranger,Withenbrow “Whit” Brimstone, Aodh Raganhar, Gratien Lucien Frédéric Lambert Bonné, Ranger, Shaumar Deathblade

Subduing the zealous storm druid driven to sacrifice these refugees to some celestial orchestrating these storms and apprehending one of the sell swords through his willingness to comply , displaying some intelligence. Gratien flashed out his Camon made parrying dirk, freeing them from their binds. Sergeant Fyrforg soothed the panicked victims, while everyone idly standing by their steeds spotted an entity riding a horse. Acute sight thanks to his Fae blood noted the features, surprised another of their organization wandering right in. Introducing himself in Galean as Withenbrow Brimstone, hearing he was a Wright and a fellow ranger delighted the Dwarven Noble or at least I perceived it as such for kinship which made sense. Attentive in watching the mercenary’s every action and dismounting to allow the weakened Malakarians time to rest during the trek, we all reached Greentree.

For what amounted to a glorified refugee camp settling into his home in the Elvish nation, I foresaw some vexatious events occurring should this storm make this settlement more enticing. Tents enveloped the area, transfusing with the luscious green trees practically with only a few building standing erect. Alongside the Sergeant and Gratien I followed, believing my suave tongue could come in handy and the potential gems hidden in this area. Unexpectedly the Mayor of Greentree visited both our Martial artist and Sorcerer, neither comprehending the Malkarian tongue as he spoke to the mercenary, granting them a storehouse to imprison him until they went back to Lorelei. Within the confines of the tavern those partaking in the food and drink, Rallidon conversing with the Mayor. I could not recall much, focusing all my senses on the voluminous human serving them. We both garner each other attention, knowing not even the ascended would stop him from a night with this fair maiden.

Indulging into entertaining the crowd with the subtly hint of surveillance on the characters, though in the occasions everyone found his performances brilliant, these unsavory types gawked intensely at him for reasons unknown initially. Rallidon had the others rotate between standing guard on the prisoner, even send the Aevakar to stalk these gruff men to find out more. Amidst his rounds of enthralling the crowd he did catch a glimpse of a tattoo, a dagger with blood dripping from the tip. More may had worked but being distracted by that beautiful human did no favors. During my own watch I learned of the employment of the mercenary, his origin of hiring happening in Banor of the Malakar Dominion. Some espionage, relaxing, and getting lucky, nothing else of note occurred for all of us…. until tomorrow.

It appeared like the analytical bard, Rallidon thought something was afoot here with those men and since it was agreed upon that they would help guard the perimeter made even more sense. Commencing a day of everyone committed to a task at hand, Rallidon Fyrforg began the arduous journey of learning Dwarven, yet with a little progress made in the short period of time. Perhaps I could help the Sergeant more over say the non-natives. Aodh was deep in training, sharpening his senses to better assist the rangers and improve upon himself as a martial artist gradually. Sir Bonne went on a patrol that later granted him some renown for his courageous charge into the storm to save new refugees. Yours truly communed with the residents in and out of Greentree to learn more behind the tattoo on those men, learning from the Caravans wagon marked by the House of Shael that they were a criminal enterprise by the name of the Bloody Daggers, infamous as smugglers. Through those in the tavern working told him word of how that night they were planning to mug him for his illustrious lute. Shaumar patrol discovered the men known as the Bloody Daggers frequenting around a large tent, there he overheard how the one in charge in town went by the nickname The Rat. Withenbrow’s patrol did not go as well, getting caught in the process and assaulted by a few. Everyone overheard the commotion quickly, heading for their comrade. Either they triggered his rage or this was some warm up, the Dwarven Wright decimated their numbers, capturing a few in exchange.

Holding the ground, a daunting threat, and numbers worked wonders as they now had more news of the state of things. This was just the beginning for us.

Session 3
Aodh's Journal

Last entry for right now, Journal.

The Rangers Present: : Rallidon Fyrforg, Sergeant, Neoveilius Orsino, Ranger,Withenbrow “Whit” Brimstone, Aodh Raganhar, Gratien Lucien Frédéric Lambert Bonné, Ranger, and Shaumar Deathblade


We were at the blacksmiths shop today, and while there, most of us bought and sold things. After we had done that, a storm or water cyclone hit and picked up a barge and off jumped a bunch of members of the Bloody Daggers into the river, and it (apparently) had White Silver, Crysarium, Everwood, Blood Steel, and Black Iron. We haven’t checked that for sure. The Sarge started to question them and asked what they were doing and such. This storm, had.. faces were popping in and out of it. That was one of the most disturbing things that I have ever seen.

We started to follow the Tornado which started to go into the storm zone right outside the druid protection zone. It lead us to 2 semi-ethereal beings riding horses, and 4 humanoid lightning creatures. We all charged at them as this happened and they charged to us. Than the new guy Darcassion Pandarus an Aevakar archer, started shooting to my left and was attacked by one of the semi-ethereal beings and began to fight him in the air out of our reach. One of the beings charges at Sarge at this time and then shortly after and toppled over, crashing into the ground with both him and the horse. Gratien finishes off the being that was there whom had charged at Sarge and fell over. Then Darcassion fly’s from the flying semi-ethereal beast and took another shot at it, which was promptly whisked away by this wind-like barrier that just seemed to block all arrows
and bolts. And speaking of bolts, another one was shot at it by Sarge and that was whisked away too, but this time he was distracted by the shot. But now the bolt will never be seen again. Fyrforg holds and waits for the lightning creatures to move up. As they do, he interrupts their assault, charges the creatures furthest away from us and lets Tuggend kick first (as usual), but he misses. Then Fyrforg atop swings his White Silver Dwavern-craft Axe as it glimmers in the air for a brief moment and kills it. Dwarfing it by about a head. Just after, the other lightning “elementals” turn to Darcassion and they started to attack Darcassion Pandarus.

Then a man in black who seemed more solid then the ethereal beings charges up and attacks Fyrforg and hits him but as he rides by Fyrforg and in retaliation Fyrforg swings at him and in missing, this Black clad man swings back at him a second time, hitting him and continues to ride almost right up to me and then begins to pass me. Darcassion fly’s forward and shoots an arrow at something I couldn’t quite see but learned afterwords that it was a storm mage. Similar to the one we fought before. Then suddenly Gratien charges after him and swings hitting this figure. Fyrforg attacks a lightning “elemental”. I didn’t see what happened quite clearly. But then he casts some magic and Sarge gets hit and he seemed to embrace the hit. That Aevakar archer got hit as well, and didn’t seem that much affected at all. Gratien on the other hand, seems quite shaken by what is happening, after being hit by that figure. Neo and his horse both try to assault this Storm Mage and can’t break through it. Whit pulls out his crossbow and shoots at this flying being and just can’t seem to hit it. Then Darcassion shoots at the mage. I swing at this figure but it doesn’t do much. Rallidon can’t seem to hit this elemental and then Darcassion lands an amazing hit on this storm mage and his spells drop. Gratien attacks this black-clad figure again and doesn’t seem to do anything. Neovellius and his horse charges and seems to want to take him alive as his horse smashes into the mage, and he is down and out.

All the creatures dissipate, the figure, the wraiths, and whatever was left was gone.

Suddenly, a big silver Unicorn comes flying out of the sky and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are feeling ‘Chosen of the Horn’.

Session 4
Darcassion Pandarus's Official Report

_The 18th of Red Wolf, 3123

I will make my report brief. Two weeks have passed since our confrontation with the Storm Mage and his summoned elementals across the Malakar Dominion border. As my fellow Grey Rangers were dealing with the growing refugee issue, I had escorted a a small group of new Grey Ranger recruits as they were traveling through Elvish lands. Crossing Lorelei two days Eastward, we came across a small village being attacked by all things…skeletons. They were dispatched fairly quickly but the source of their necromantic master eluded us. As they continued their journey, I turned back to Lorelei and reported my findings to Sgt. Rallidon and Company.

Just as we were going to head towards the direction I had came from to investigate further, a report came in from the village of Greentree that another undead sighting has taken place. Assessing our abilities, all agreed that we should seek out a druid to accompany us and perhaps don the Grey Cloak in the process. That recruit happened to be Fawn Moonsinger, a neophyte of the old ways. All agree that she fills a void that we as a collective lack…at least until our Aevakar sorcerer, Shaumar, returns.

On our first night of patrol, we were ‘attacked’ by a small cadre of undead human skeletons. They posed no real threat as we were well armed with blunt weapons to meet their attack. We followed their tracks which led us to the source of the problem; a lone human necromancer who had recently summoned another band of undead skeletons, one with a much larger frame than the others. The lone necromancer proved formidable and deadly. Some of us during the pitch battle witnessed one of his macabre incantations, where he literally sucked the soul out of Noevillius’s horse in mid-ride. The fight came to its end when Gratien landed the death blow with his newly acquired lance on the Necromancer. While we were not able to question him due to his rightful demise, some of his notes were uncovered. Written in the Shay language, we learned that his ‘master’ dispatched him to the Elvish lands in order to ‘test their defenses’…which translates in my opinion to The Grey Rangers.

It is my belief that this threat should not be taken lightly. The Elvish Lands had seen its share of war from the Kal Empire’s iron fist but has not been sullied ever by the corrupted undead of Shaya’nor. If this was just one test of our defense, there will assuredly be more to come. It is my recommendation that other Gray Ranger Outposts in the nearby vicinity be notified and we as the Rangers of Lorelei learn more about this potential threat from the North while remaining diligent with our neighbors of the Malakar Dominion.

Yours Humbly,

Darcassion Pandarus_

Session 5
The Sexy Bard Reports : Entry 2

The threat has been neutralized, but it provoked horrendous memories as my Steed Jovander perished under my command and worse lost his soul. At least freed I was able to burn the body and have a little time to grieve before advancing onto this infestation creeping into the Fae nation. Returning to town it became a priority to buy some proper barding to protect the horses and for myself to be granted a new War horse. From plate to leather, armor was plentiful yet I went for fashion and protection, commissioning white-silver plate to match the custom saddle.

Darcassion’s report about a small Fae settlement called Mist Veil in the Fae language was formerly swarmed by undead, moving with the horses after a week of gathering provisions, armor, and other necessary equipment to help out the rangers on traversing the perimeter. Approaching the settlement I detected a significant node which only Eldakar were accustomed to sensing. The place appeared deserted, probably based on the accounts the aerial archer. Druids were discovered in the area, seething in corruption which should be improbable from the natural sanctification revolved around these parts. They encircled a familiar face in Evoran Starborn. His presence here meant potential misfortune was to follow, Sergeant Fyrforg wasting no time getting information. Rather intriguing was the cave within the corrupted area was formed not by natural yet something manifested it in some form. Suspecting a big ritual occurred lately during 33rd of Planting Moons on the Thirteenth hour.

Told a counteracting ritual was already underway, we all looped back to check on the status of Greentree. Nodes were detected along the way, but nothing eventful otherwise happened. A nice surprise came in the for of a building dedicated to the rangers, Rallidon thinking of means to elevate this little area by slowly upgrading this place, one which unfortunately included the creation of a cell area to detain criminals. The Rat surfaced while checking up on the people, seeing if new information surfaced. Strangely more friendly with me it was obvious he wanted something from him, maybe not now but eventually. Any relevant information he asked for was not retained but I had to at least accept eating pasta at his home.

During the night we ventured to the node commonly focused by first the Storm Magi and now the undead. What awaited everyone was a horde of zombies, hard to recollect memories of that battle with fear persuading me to flee. I would not abandon my post nor besmirched the honor of my former steed. Though others state I shrieked in the battle, I could not relive it. Gratien and the Sergeant fought with great tactics by peppering them at a distance at range before charging onward on horseback. The Camonere’s prowess continued to shine, impaling each walking carcass with the everwood lance with a white silver tip and of course my commanding officer utilizing the power of his horse with white silver horseshoes and his axe. Both had heir horses barded, thus nothing really threatened them. Whit kept the enemies at bay with Fawn whose support helped in ensnaring the mindless creatures. Darcassion was most safe and deadly as well, pinning undead to the ground with precision shots, not to mention impossible to harm. Aodh took the blunt of the enemies’ attack, but amassed the largest kill count by sweeping through them like a cyclone. Their numbers thinned and we survived this encounter, I just want all these bloody undead gone already, preferring even the Flame over this plague.

With Regards,

Neoveilius Orsino

Session 6
Gratien's Report from Lorelei about the happenings on the 33rd Redwolf, 3123

We started the day packing up camp from the night after having fought off the zombie pack yesterday. I lead the team in tracking where the zombies had come from. The tracks lead us to a small Malakaran town known as Cittadina according to Neovelius. We found the town disturbingly empty and so we readied our weapons as we rode through, not knowing what we should expect. As we got to the eastern edge of the town Aodh spotted the graveyard and noticed that it was filled with more zombies.

We charged into battle. Neovelius lead the way in at first, but stopped short at a building and climbed on the roof to get a safe position to shoot from. I don’t know why he doesn’t like them so much, but every time we’ve encountered the undead so far he turns into a bit of a coward. As the battle went on Sergeant Fyrforg, Aodh, and I lead the fight in melee while Darcassion shot down at the zombies from the air, Neovelius and Whit were shooting at them from behind us. Fawn moved around on the ground and shot from there. At one point in the battle someone lodged an arrow in the back of my armour, no one said who shot it, but when I asked Neovelius made a lot of noise in a language I didn’t understand, so I suspect it was him. The zombies around Rallidon had managed to take down his horse, Tugend, after the battle though we found that the horse was unharmed.

Once we finished the zombies off we looked to the church. Neovelius said it was a church of light, but the walls all had an eerie green glow to them as we approached it. I opened the front door for the squad to find a necromancer, or at least the image of one as we would later learn, standing in the center of the building. He spoke to us in a language I didn’t understand, but Aodh translated that he had said that we were a bit out of our area, that we should be further south and not worry about him. He should be the problem of the Malakarans if anyone. Darcassion loosed the first arrow at the necromancer after four Mercenaries, and a creature (later discovered by Neovelius to be a hob-goblin) stepped out of the alcoves at the sides of building. The arrow flew right between the eyes of the necromancer, and looked like it would have been a killing blow too, before the image simply vanished.

After that I ran up to the hob-goblin and hit it with what should have been a crippling blow, but it seemed to absorb the damage like it was nothing. Rallidon came to aid me against the hob-goblin while the others fought off the mercenaries. The creature was vicious and powerful I was barely holding it off with each strike. Finally Neovelius and the others came to help. It was finished after Neovelius put an arrow in its eye and Aodh proceeded in shoving that arrow deeper into its eye socket. After the fight the image of the Necromancer reappeared and told Neovelius, “You’re stronger than I expected. We’ll meet again.”

Tomorrow I expect that we will be heading back toward Greentree, and then back to Lorelei. Otherwise I would think that the Sergeant will have us doing a more thorough search of Cittadina.


Ranger Gratien Lucien Frédéric Lambert Bonné

Session 7
Let's Make a deal

Red Wolf 33
The rangers having disposed of a large force of zombies in a town inside of Malakar were approached by a unit of Malakar soldiers led by Captain Mark Vellius. He informed them that there was a ritual taking place at a node just North of their location. He also informed them that he had orders to allow the ritual to take place and stop anyone trying to disrupt it. He didn’t seem too happy with this but made it clear he would follow his orders. He did allow the rangers to watch the ritual. A large force of zombies were raised from hundred of dead bodies as well as three Bone lords. During the ritual they noticed a dwarf bearing the Fyrforg crest and a white dwarven crossbow.
Eternal Sun 1-8

They arrive back at Greentree. From there they ride back to the Lorelei and spend several days checking out the nodes in the area for any activity but find no activity.

Eternal Sun 9-11

They return to Greentree and Rallidon is a approached by a Shayakar at the Inn where he relays a message from his employer. She will leave them alone if they leave her alone.
They don’t trust this message so they set off into the Malakar dominion. Traveling south they find the complete lack of corpses in the few villages they pass though.

Eternal Sun 12

They turn westward where they run into another patrol of Malakar soldiers. In the valley below they see a substantial force of undead and preparations for another ritual. The Malakaran soldiers seem ready to fight if the rangers attack. A runner from the camp below comes with a message from his mistress inviting them for dinner just after sunset which they accept. They have a very nice meal with Duchess Renee De’Lear. Afterwards they come to an agreement where she swears she will not use these undead against any of the Southern Kingdoms. Afterwards she invites Neovelius to spend the night with her. The next morning he seems worn out but informs the other Rangers that she is most definitely alive.

Eternal Sun 14

They arrive back at Greentree.

Session 8
Slave free zone

After arriving in Greentree on the 14th we only stayed a short time before moving on to Lorelei where we arrived on the 15th. Neoveilius picked up some new White Silver Plate Barding. We then moved to Eldara, arriving on the 18th. At this point Sergeant Fyrforg was no where in sight. I figure he must have gotten lost in the crowds. We spent a week in Eldara in which I spent most of my time wandering around, I found a man that claims to have contacts in the desert with Master Breed Horses, I may have to find this man and talk to him again should something ever happen to my horse, his asking price was insane for me though.
On the 24th I stepped into a dark alley, almost regretably, and overheard some people talking about how some slavers had passed through and were going to be down in Greentree in two days time. After finding this information out I rallied the squad together, still couldn’t find the Sergeant anywhere though, and after informing them of what I’d found out they told me about the disappearance of twenty Fae children, among which were 2 Eldakar and an Aevakar.
We rode hard for two days straight to rush down to Greentree. Neoveilius found out, from a source unknown to me, that the slavers had already come and gone the day before we arrived but the informant also told him which way they were heading via wagons he also informed Neoveilius that they were traveling with Red Store Mercenaries guarding them..

We were able to catch up to the slavers after two days of riding and were able to follow at a distance until night, during the middle of the night Aodh, Neoveilius, Darcassion, Whit, and Fawn surrounded the slavers, they dispatched the four guards that were on watch, and before the rest of the slavers knew what was happening three more had fallen and three of the five remaining had been entangled as I charged forward on horse back. The remaining slavers at that point surrendered. A textbook ambush on our part. We now have successfully freed the 20 Fae children, as well as several children of other races that were found in the wagon and we plan to take these children back to their respective homes.

-Ranger Gratien Lucien Frédéric Lambert Bonné

Session 9
The Sexy Bard Reports : Entry 3

29th to 30th of Eternal Sun

Demonstrating proper usage of tactics allowed all of us the favorable circumstances against these mercenaries aligned to the Red store in Malakar Dominion territory. Recently unraveling the aether from within, I am now a suave sorcerer whose talents can be harnessed better, an imperative action like finding out one was an adept, justifying it was right to take them despite all logic dictating they crossed a line from entering fey lands and other ally’s lands. Listening to the Sergeant we bound them, blindfolded the adept and set up a proper perimeter.

Leaving in the morning we conversed with a stranger who tagged along, being acquainted by a member of the Eridor clan known as Celebor who stood opposite of our leader. We positioned ourselves accordingly, vigilantly gawking at the prisoners on the trip back to Greentree. Nothing event worthy occurred thus far, though Gratien seemed to enjoy tending to the horses with Withenbrow faintly plotting a design with something significant for the upcoming future as more problems would rear their ugly mug sooner than later. The patrols went well, pondering why they never pair me with Fawn, though I got to entertain the victims of these slavers with elegant music with some new majestic add ons with magic.

31st of Eternal Sun

Strolling along longer than anticipated in this area, we encountered a patrol seemingly associated with the Malakar Dominion. This wasn’t necessarily going to be civil, a back and forth discussion between us and their vocal representative attempting to sway them otherwise to free these slavers. Rationalizing kidnapping only infuriated me, no diplomacy plausible for going into our lands previously. There a skirmish began, most of us guarding the caravans. A rare usage of blast seem to not harm anyone but directly hostile forces, injuring both Rallidon and Celebor with the dwarf’s horse unharmed. Multiple flurries of arrows aim at us, some taking it rougher than others. Whit brought a good opportunity by damaging their head knight. Celebor hidden in view sniped off a few minions, with our attacks fixated more on their magi.

Gratien charged recklessly, hurting their commander further but with the consequences of getting surrounded. Most satisfying was piercing an arrow into the practitioner of the flame, dropping him unconscious. Two of their allies going convert through the ground started to free the prisoners, Celebor getting rid of them from a distance with Writ startling the freed Adept by slicing his face with a crossbolt to temporarily freeze them in place. The Camonere was used as a bargaining chip, threatened to be killed but of course a trade for their own. Celebor refused hastly, hitting the commander through his armor and my own massive surge of eldritch energies plunge into him, yet getting myself surrounded in the process. The situation got dire, forcing a trade between them and eventually leaving the area. We had a victory and a defeat, fortunately those we rescued were at least safe. With this more conflict surely came our way in the upcoming future.


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