Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

A Dirty Job
But someone has to do it.

Cast of heroes:
Darcassion Pandarus, Corporal
Dario Alejandro Del Vibora
Gratien Lucien Frédéric Lambert Bonné, Ranger
Rallidon Fyrforg, Sergeant Minor
Withenbrow “Whit” Brimstone Ranger Corporal

As we returned to Lorelei, we find a new to us Ranger on the roof of our post banging away obviously working on repairing the roof… not that we knew of any thing that had damaged it, when we found out that the new ranger was Dario Alejandro Del Viboraand that he was repairing the roof from were he had knocked holes in it the previous two days… not sure why he would think he needed to damage the roof… Then he talks Sgt. Rallidoninto letting him make it unbreakable.. (I guess to protect it from him), So Dario proceeds to make it unbreakable,how-ever that night we found that he made the roof a very special thing indeed, it provided daylight in the common sleeping room all night… Much to my non-pleasure.
(I was awake more that night than most full weeks worth of binge drinking..)

Any how he stated that there was notes and stuff inside for us,The letter along with notes for each of us with stuff was from Neoveilius Orsino, whom I had great adventures with before this, not as many as I would have like to have had, but great adventures none the less.
The first letter was this:
With immense anguish I am no longer going to continue our adventures, set to head to Shaya’nor to be near Renee De’Lear side for my new patrons. We had our ups and downs, but ultimately it was an honor serving with each of you for that tribute I leave each a message separately on this letter, including gifts.

([Galean] To Aodh Raganhar : I wholeheartedly apologize for the bounty, but that is resolved now. You impressed me
with your ways of the fist, perhaps a Korindian could learn from your might. I hope the gift might help to a limitless future and keep those more fragile safe. (Included since Aodh was not present in roll20))

[Galean] Withenbrow “Whit” Brimstone: Unfortunately we lacked time to really get to know each other, however you were always an intriguing individual with that Dwarven craft of yours. Should we meet again I would relish the opportunity to see what other things you have made in service to the rangers. Also, congrats for your promotion.
The Gifts: Dwarven Ale [ Rallidon] , Arcana for Dimwits: Guide to Learning Magic [ Aodh], Everwood Flute [ Darcassion] , Master Horse Grooming Kit and ring for the camonere girl [Gratien] , History of Clanhome Wrights [ Whit]

Yes I will miss him and the bickering between him and Gratien… He kept it memorable..
Well after the night-light had kept me up all night Sgt Rallidon had Dario make a barrier to block the light from the roof to the common sleeping room, thereby waking me up again…. at least until Sgt. Rallidon let me use his sleeping area to catch up on my sleep, which I was able to do even through the noise of the new barrier being assembled..
The next day we went to start patrolling the nodes around the area, most were quiet and well guarded. However the one we came to on the 33rd of Festival Moons when we encountered a long druid at a node the we were wanting to defend, the druid told us to flee as he could not hold his queen at bay, he was asked who is your queen, and almost immediately Fawn was struck down with a fever of some sort. We were told to take the druid alive by Sgt. Rallidon but after just moments he said to dispatch the druid.

Gratien had already removed Fawn from the field and returned to position that he could strike with ease, Darcasion Shot the druid, and staggered him he then changed shape into a giant hawk which Sgt. Rallidon hit hard causing it to change again into a corrupt looking giant bear creature, Gratien rode in and hit that with his lance changing it back to the druid who then thanked him before dropping inert to the ground, then the ground shook and vented forth a earth golem that was right next to me, Gratien, And Sgt. Rallidon where-upon I shot the golem with one of my precious bolts of white-silver, staggering it enough that I was able to remove myself from direct combat. (As I am more a crossbowman than melee fighter. Being the tinker I am.)
Then Dario, Sgt. Rallidon and Darcassion all hit it knocking bits of earth from it, It threw a clod of earth at Darcassion which
mainly dirtied Darcassions clothes fortunately. I shot it again knocking some more bits off then Gratien that had been looking for a good opening finished the golem off.
Somewhere during this there flew a raven near seeming to aid our cause.
As the golem fell the Silver unicorn appeared, healing Fawn then cleansing the node from the corruption that had lingered.
It is a great honor that I have been able to see the Silver Unicorn not once but twice in my short life, I am honored to be able to fight for right, with my brothers and sisters of the Greyson Grey Rangers.

Whit; Withenbrow Brimstone Ranger Corporal.

Session 12
The Sexy Bard Reports : Finale

Morning of the 29th of Thunderhawk to 7th of Festival Moons
Astound from the proposal from Eldara government to elevate my suave self into nobility simply to safeguard me from harm in Shaya’Nor and perhaps form relations. Realizing the problematic situation could mean an advantageous claim into the Fae nation amongst other issues, I politely declined the offer. Afterward, I began some convert shopping with prying eyes in the form of my supposed comrades Withenbrow and Gratien. The next couple days left me paranoid, even the ride back to Lorelei. Somewhere between my time in the capital, Sergeant Fyrforg went to the council regarding my predicament in having a De’Lear enter our domain. Once I made it back, a strategy was devised as as neutral ground was established as the council could not permit her to join him here. A few honorable mentions were thought of, Eastport in particular. Telling the Dwarves to get other their fear of water as I myself constantly fought against my own phobias, Sergeant Fyrforg made a comment of making my aggressive opinion on Whit whom I now discover was a Corporal.

It was blatant favoritism to his race, discerning despite holding no ill will to him. Piled with the shift of trust on me is truthfully persuading my thoughts on the squad. We were going to leave by the eighth of the month, sending a message to warn her of the shift of plans; meeting in Malak as a secured location given the recent trade. She agreed and a prayer to Celesia for help would perhaps manifest for this significant encounter which could spell imminent danger.

7th to 8th of Festival Moons
Knocking on the door was quite astonishing for who appeared. Shayline Eridor, a Faelakar gaining the reputation as a ranger and potential avatar of the Silver Unicorn. Accompanied by a large wolf dwarfing the fae, she retained a disgusted look at my gorgeous self for sleeping with a necromancer as expected, yet nonetheless heard y call and asked for his superior officer to learn more regarding this. A private conversation occurred and everyone readied themselves for the trip. Gratien hopelessly in love wished to meet with the Camonere servant at Malak, hence why we decided to go by tomorrow. From there everyone embarked on what might become a deadly meeting should diplomacy turn sour.

10h to 12th of Festival Moon

Arriving to Malak kept myself on edge, including a watchful eye of my own subordinates with eyes bestowed with judgment. Time was allotted, my mind ravaged in distress. Plotting the meeting at a bar , we got tailed by a voluminous woman representing the Black Lanterns. Rallidon voiced the idea of scanning his brain for the transgression technically violating the oath of Grayson Grey Rangers. Seeing Renee De’Lear was a mixture of excitement and utter fear on the night of the 12th. The fact we learned she was hindered by her pregnancy made it tempting to assassinate her, unable to cast her necromantic powers without sacrificing the life force of her unborne child. I displayed my sorrow and some halftruths were drawn in my act of annulling this proposal. Differences in culture, lack of renown or title, and upbringings indeed made marriage impractical. Though both sides had backup, it was a disruption from unknown forces that ruined it while things seem to go smoothly. Suffering a slight concussion from the explosion, apparently the one I spoke to was an illusion which obviously was sagacious in her vulnerable state. These were Red Store operatives from later observation, yet things failed as her guards which were ferocious werewolves tore through them, only two escaping their wrath. Shayline handled the acolyte who initiated the attack, a Kalinesh plotting for Shayline’s death as well for recent actions in his homeland. Dispatched, we survived the night seemingly unharmed minus myself.

Regretfully though I was proven innocent after scanning my mind, I felt the damage was unrepairable. We are not gods, blunders happens to anyone, yet the continued mistrust has otherwise took its toll. Granted an opportunity to atone for my actions, I discarded my cloak and became an operative under her..not literally though this fae would not mind. Hopefully my replacement can garner a better relationship as I will pay for this dearly, entering a lands ripe with my greatest fears. I returned alone to Lorelei on the 12th I gave my goodbyes beforehand in Malak, having had ship a letter with parting gifts at the headquarters.

My final report as a ranger, I will look back at my time from Tarry to my homelands. Tensions will rise with the rumors spreading between Stahlheim and the Fae nations, assuming more prejudice on me was drawn from it. Sergeant Fyrorg will need to be evermore vigilant for the actions of his family, though for now I imagine that dark ritual is of greater concern. I bear them no harsh feelings and well… long for safe journeys for the dangers up ahead.

With Regards

Neoveilius Orsino , Ranger 1st Class
Session 11
Report by Darcassion Pandarus, Ranger 1st Class

I write this report not only as a loyal Grey Ranger but one that is concerned with the current state of affairs within the Fae Nation. I question the motives of its leaders not out of treason or malice, but that of the love of Landre’feya. Ever since my Aerie was destroyed by the Kal Empire during the War of Flame, the Elvish Nation has taken me in as one of its sons. It is my only desire to see the Elvish Nation remain a shining pillar of light within the Southern Kingdoms. The events of recent days have blighted that goal.

Thunderhawk 13

We have returned back to our homebase in Lorelei after our diplomatic mission ended in Crag. Sgt. Minor Fyrforg received a message to gather the Rangers for a meeting with the local council. It was at this Council meeting that we learned our mission. Due to The Storm, the Malakr Dominion became gravely low on foodstuffs (especially meat). Lorelei, in order to initiate trade with their northern neighbor, would be sending an initially small supply chain of foodstuffs through Greentree with its final destination of Malak. The goods would be delivered with a merchant representative of House Malak, Dominic Delucci. The Grey Rangers along with a small contingent of guards would act as escort.

My Opinion: I question the rationale of Lorelei for this. Is this not the same Malakar Dominion that the Red Store operates from? The same Red Store that we just recently thwarted in a kidnapping of Fae children that would have been sold to Archanon knows who!?! House Malak climbed to the top of the Dominion by backstabbing and the manipulation of others. I did not expect the elders of Lorelei to fall for this. No good can come from dealing with them.

And it appears that held true. After leaving Greentree (where we noticed much improvement on the construction of our base there along with more permanent structures being built where the refugees have had their encampments), our caravan train became under attack by a minor bandit family. This particular family was apparently trying to collect a bounty on Aodh, Ranger First Class…after an incident about a stolen crystal belonging to an adept of House Jvorik (one that I was not privvy to as I was conducting business elsewhere). Suffice to say, their contingent of bandit archers targeted Aodh in their initial volley. However, they proved too weak under our counter attack and surrendered in due haste.

The remaining trip to Malak, the capitol of the Dominion, was rather uneventful. The goods were delivered in the warehouse district. After the foodstuffs were unloaded, we received an invitation to dinner by represenatatives of House Malak. There was some talk of trade and it seemed that House Malak was also interested in doing business with Staldheim as well (I have faith that Sgt Minor Fyrforg has the common sense that doing business with the Malakar Dominion could only lead to trouble). It was also recommended by those of House Malak that Aodh return the crystal to its rightful owner of House Jvorik. However, the bounty would still be alive and well until the point of exchange.

It was at this point that the remainder of the trip (and this report) took a rather bizarre turn:

Ranger 1st Class Neovelius learned, through House Malak mind you, that the human necromancer from House Delear he had ‘relations’ with is pregnant with child and claiming to be his. She did not appear to be a person who had her maidenhead stolen from her recently so it peaked my curiosity that she determined the unborn child to be his. (as she does appear to be equally as lecherous as he). That evening, House Malak showed the Grey Rangers a sign of their hospitality by offering us use of their ‘maid/prostitutes’. Neovelius surprisingly obstained (or mostly because the maids feared the pregnant necromancer). Ranger 1st Class Gratien was paired with a Camonese Maid/Prostitute named Evette. His ‘code of honor’ kept him from having relations with her that evening. But now he has been messaging with this ‘maid/prostitute’ back and forth and referring to this representative of House Malak as ‘his girlfriend’….but I digress. I recognized the prostitute laid before me for what she was, a service rendered (pleasant as it was), but nothing more, nothing less.

Along our return, we stopped at Greentree. It was there that Neovelus received a ‘congratulations’ that he was to be married to the Necromancer from House DeLear…this came from “The Rat”. To make this long and bizarre story short, this ‘one night stand’ between my fellow Grey Ranger and a renowned and feared necromancer from House Delear has turned into a full blown marital affair. While I find myself questioning why Neovelius would agree to such an arrangement (especially since he is sworn to protect the Elvish Nation from the likes of Shaya’nor), it takes a most distasteful and questionable turn in that our Royal Family actually supports this by not only providing him with a wedding ring to present to a woman that embraces Darkness and the Necromantic arts but Land and Title as well!

Does the Royal Family not remember that it was not too long ago when necromancers from Shaya’nor started raising the dead within our borders, attacking our citizens!?! T As a Grey Ranger, we are sworn to protect the Southern Kingdoms from the likes of the Shaya’nor and Malakar Dominion, not embrace them. How did everything fall apart so quickly? I hope that this can be rectified and common sense once again prevail in the Elvish Nation. Until then, I will continue to question the motives of my fellow Grey Rangers and the leadership of Landre’feya.

It is now the 28th of Thunderhawk. The Shaya’nor envoy is due to arrive in 10 days. I will be temporarily leaving Lorelei shortly, answering a missive by The Unchained to assist their cause against the Kal Empire. The Unchained is a force we should be emulating. For they would die for their cause and NEVER compromise or consort with the enemy.

Darcassion Pandarus

Session 10
Aodh's Report

Rangers Report: Report #10 Present Rangers: All Rangers Date: 33rd of the Eternal Sun – 8th of Thunderhawk.

Report from Ranger: Aodh R.

Neovellius spoke to Saeriel and asked the rangers to deliver a message,
but we have to go across a lake to get the fast. We heard the Fae are
being blamed by the Dwarves for the storms recently, because they were
unaffected by the storms. So, Neoveilius and I are trying to convince
the Dwarves to convince them.(With all due respect, they are damn stubborn.)

We agreed to meet Saeriel in Craig on the 7th of Thunderhawk.

We ride for a while, on the 2nd 1/2 of Thunderhawk, and get on a Barg to Craig.
While we are there, we have a couple days before Saeriel gets here.

The days were well spent, to say the least. Neoveilius discovered that he, is not
welcome anywhere apparently. But I was able to do some recon and find out how
most of the city state was. How the Fyrforg’s were going broke over the repairs,
the Dwarves were all mad at the Fae for “causing the storm” and while out around
8pm I found out the Malakarans didn’t know that Saeriel and the Fae weren’t in town.

The elven ship arrived, the ambassadors got off, and other then jeering there was
very little on the problem side. A few problem starters here and there but they
were stopped.

I would have liked to say the meeting went off without a hitch; but this corrupted
“life” golem attacked the chief of security. We managed to dispatch it with haste
with only minor injuries from the chieftain.

All in all, a good day.

Session 9
The Sexy Bard Reports : Entry 3

29th to 30th of Eternal Sun

Demonstrating proper usage of tactics allowed all of us the favorable circumstances against these mercenaries aligned to the Red store in Malakar Dominion territory. Recently unraveling the aether from within, I am now a suave sorcerer whose talents can be harnessed better, an imperative action like finding out one was an adept, justifying it was right to take them despite all logic dictating they crossed a line from entering fey lands and other ally’s lands. Listening to the Sergeant we bound them, blindfolded the adept and set up a proper perimeter.

Leaving in the morning we conversed with a stranger who tagged along, being acquainted by a member of the Eridor clan known as Celebor who stood opposite of our leader. We positioned ourselves accordingly, vigilantly gawking at the prisoners on the trip back to Greentree. Nothing event worthy occurred thus far, though Gratien seemed to enjoy tending to the horses with Withenbrow faintly plotting a design with something significant for the upcoming future as more problems would rear their ugly mug sooner than later. The patrols went well, pondering why they never pair me with Fawn, though I got to entertain the victims of these slavers with elegant music with some new majestic add ons with magic.

31st of Eternal Sun

Strolling along longer than anticipated in this area, we encountered a patrol seemingly associated with the Malakar Dominion. This wasn’t necessarily going to be civil, a back and forth discussion between us and their vocal representative attempting to sway them otherwise to free these slavers. Rationalizing kidnapping only infuriated me, no diplomacy plausible for going into our lands previously. There a skirmish began, most of us guarding the caravans. A rare usage of blast seem to not harm anyone but directly hostile forces, injuring both Rallidon and Celebor with the dwarf’s horse unharmed. Multiple flurries of arrows aim at us, some taking it rougher than others. Whit brought a good opportunity by damaging their head knight. Celebor hidden in view sniped off a few minions, with our attacks fixated more on their magi.

Gratien charged recklessly, hurting their commander further but with the consequences of getting surrounded. Most satisfying was piercing an arrow into the practitioner of the flame, dropping him unconscious. Two of their allies going convert through the ground started to free the prisoners, Celebor getting rid of them from a distance with Writ startling the freed Adept by slicing his face with a crossbolt to temporarily freeze them in place. The Camonere was used as a bargaining chip, threatened to be killed but of course a trade for their own. Celebor refused hastly, hitting the commander through his armor and my own massive surge of eldritch energies plunge into him, yet getting myself surrounded in the process. The situation got dire, forcing a trade between them and eventually leaving the area. We had a victory and a defeat, fortunately those we rescued were at least safe. With this more conflict surely came our way in the upcoming future.

Session 8
Slave free zone

After arriving in Greentree on the 14th we only stayed a short time before moving on to Lorelei where we arrived on the 15th. Neoveilius picked up some new White Silver Plate Barding. We then moved to Eldara, arriving on the 18th. At this point Sergeant Fyrforg was no where in sight. I figure he must have gotten lost in the crowds. We spent a week in Eldara in which I spent most of my time wandering around, I found a man that claims to have contacts in the desert with Master Breed Horses, I may have to find this man and talk to him again should something ever happen to my horse, his asking price was insane for me though.
On the 24th I stepped into a dark alley, almost regretably, and overheard some people talking about how some slavers had passed through and were going to be down in Greentree in two days time. After finding this information out I rallied the squad together, still couldn’t find the Sergeant anywhere though, and after informing them of what I’d found out they told me about the disappearance of twenty Fae children, among which were 2 Eldakar and an Aevakar.
We rode hard for two days straight to rush down to Greentree. Neoveilius found out, from a source unknown to me, that the slavers had already come and gone the day before we arrived but the informant also told him which way they were heading via wagons he also informed Neoveilius that they were traveling with Red Store Mercenaries guarding them..

We were able to catch up to the slavers after two days of riding and were able to follow at a distance until night, during the middle of the night Aodh, Neoveilius, Darcassion, Whit, and Fawn surrounded the slavers, they dispatched the four guards that were on watch, and before the rest of the slavers knew what was happening three more had fallen and three of the five remaining had been entangled as I charged forward on horse back. The remaining slavers at that point surrendered. A textbook ambush on our part. We now have successfully freed the 20 Fae children, as well as several children of other races that were found in the wagon and we plan to take these children back to their respective homes.

-Ranger Gratien Lucien Frédéric Lambert Bonné

Session 7
Let's Make a deal

Red Wolf 33
The rangers having disposed of a large force of zombies in a town inside of Malakar were approached by a unit of Malakar soldiers led by Captain Mark Vellius. He informed them that there was a ritual taking place at a node just North of their location. He also informed them that he had orders to allow the ritual to take place and stop anyone trying to disrupt it. He didn’t seem too happy with this but made it clear he would follow his orders. He did allow the rangers to watch the ritual. A large force of zombies were raised from hundred of dead bodies as well as three Bone lords. During the ritual they noticed a dwarf bearing the Fyrforg crest and a white dwarven crossbow.
Eternal Sun 1-8

They arrive back at Greentree. From there they ride back to the Lorelei and spend several days checking out the nodes in the area for any activity but find no activity.

Eternal Sun 9-11

They return to Greentree and Rallidon is a approached by a Shayakar at the Inn where he relays a message from his employer. She will leave them alone if they leave her alone.
They don’t trust this message so they set off into the Malakar dominion. Traveling south they find the complete lack of corpses in the few villages they pass though.

Eternal Sun 12

They turn westward where they run into another patrol of Malakar soldiers. In the valley below they see a substantial force of undead and preparations for another ritual. The Malakaran soldiers seem ready to fight if the rangers attack. A runner from the camp below comes with a message from his mistress inviting them for dinner just after sunset which they accept. They have a very nice meal with Duchess Renee De’Lear. Afterwards they come to an agreement where she swears she will not use these undead against any of the Southern Kingdoms. Afterwards she invites Neovelius to spend the night with her. The next morning he seems worn out but informs the other Rangers that she is most definitely alive.

Eternal Sun 14

They arrive back at Greentree.

Session 6
Gratien's Report from Lorelei about the happenings on the 33rd Redwolf, 3123

We started the day packing up camp from the night after having fought off the zombie pack yesterday. I lead the team in tracking where the zombies had come from. The tracks lead us to a small Malakaran town known as Cittadina according to Neovelius. We found the town disturbingly empty and so we readied our weapons as we rode through, not knowing what we should expect. As we got to the eastern edge of the town Aodh spotted the graveyard and noticed that it was filled with more zombies.

We charged into battle. Neovelius lead the way in at first, but stopped short at a building and climbed on the roof to get a safe position to shoot from. I don’t know why he doesn’t like them so much, but every time we’ve encountered the undead so far he turns into a bit of a coward. As the battle went on Sergeant Fyrforg, Aodh, and I lead the fight in melee while Darcassion shot down at the zombies from the air, Neovelius and Whit were shooting at them from behind us. Fawn moved around on the ground and shot from there. At one point in the battle someone lodged an arrow in the back of my armour, no one said who shot it, but when I asked Neovelius made a lot of noise in a language I didn’t understand, so I suspect it was him. The zombies around Rallidon had managed to take down his horse, Tugend, after the battle though we found that the horse was unharmed.

Once we finished the zombies off we looked to the church. Neovelius said it was a church of light, but the walls all had an eerie green glow to them as we approached it. I opened the front door for the squad to find a necromancer, or at least the image of one as we would later learn, standing in the center of the building. He spoke to us in a language I didn’t understand, but Aodh translated that he had said that we were a bit out of our area, that we should be further south and not worry about him. He should be the problem of the Malakarans if anyone. Darcassion loosed the first arrow at the necromancer after four Mercenaries, and a creature (later discovered by Neovelius to be a hob-goblin) stepped out of the alcoves at the sides of building. The arrow flew right between the eyes of the necromancer, and looked like it would have been a killing blow too, before the image simply vanished.

After that I ran up to the hob-goblin and hit it with what should have been a crippling blow, but it seemed to absorb the damage like it was nothing. Rallidon came to aid me against the hob-goblin while the others fought off the mercenaries. The creature was vicious and powerful I was barely holding it off with each strike. Finally Neovelius and the others came to help. It was finished after Neovelius put an arrow in its eye and Aodh proceeded in shoving that arrow deeper into its eye socket. After the fight the image of the Necromancer reappeared and told Neovelius, “You’re stronger than I expected. We’ll meet again.”

Tomorrow I expect that we will be heading back toward Greentree, and then back to Lorelei. Otherwise I would think that the Sergeant will have us doing a more thorough search of Cittadina.


Ranger Gratien Lucien Frédéric Lambert Bonné

Session 5
The Sexy Bard Reports : Entry 2

The threat has been neutralized, but it provoked horrendous memories as my Steed Jovander perished under my command and worse lost his soul. At least freed I was able to burn the body and have a little time to grieve before advancing onto this infestation creeping into the Fae nation. Returning to town it became a priority to buy some proper barding to protect the horses and for myself to be granted a new War horse. From plate to leather, armor was plentiful yet I went for fashion and protection, commissioning white-silver plate to match the custom saddle.

Darcassion’s report about a small Fae settlement called Mist Veil in the Fae language was formerly swarmed by undead, moving with the horses after a week of gathering provisions, armor, and other necessary equipment to help out the rangers on traversing the perimeter. Approaching the settlement I detected a significant node which only Eldakar were accustomed to sensing. The place appeared deserted, probably based on the accounts the aerial archer. Druids were discovered in the area, seething in corruption which should be improbable from the natural sanctification revolved around these parts. They encircled a familiar face in Evoran Starborn. His presence here meant potential misfortune was to follow, Sergeant Fyrforg wasting no time getting information. Rather intriguing was the cave within the corrupted area was formed not by natural yet something manifested it in some form. Suspecting a big ritual occurred lately during 33rd of Planting Moons on the Thirteenth hour.

Told a counteracting ritual was already underway, we all looped back to check on the status of Greentree. Nodes were detected along the way, but nothing eventful otherwise happened. A nice surprise came in the for of a building dedicated to the rangers, Rallidon thinking of means to elevate this little area by slowly upgrading this place, one which unfortunately included the creation of a cell area to detain criminals. The Rat surfaced while checking up on the people, seeing if new information surfaced. Strangely more friendly with me it was obvious he wanted something from him, maybe not now but eventually. Any relevant information he asked for was not retained but I had to at least accept eating pasta at his home.

During the night we ventured to the node commonly focused by first the Storm Magi and now the undead. What awaited everyone was a horde of zombies, hard to recollect memories of that battle with fear persuading me to flee. I would not abandon my post nor besmirched the honor of my former steed. Though others state I shrieked in the battle, I could not relive it. Gratien and the Sergeant fought with great tactics by peppering them at a distance at range before charging onward on horseback. The Camonere’s prowess continued to shine, impaling each walking carcass with the everwood lance with a white silver tip and of course my commanding officer utilizing the power of his horse with white silver horseshoes and his axe. Both had heir horses barded, thus nothing really threatened them. Whit kept the enemies at bay with Fawn whose support helped in ensnaring the mindless creatures. Darcassion was most safe and deadly as well, pinning undead to the ground with precision shots, not to mention impossible to harm. Aodh took the blunt of the enemies’ attack, but amassed the largest kill count by sweeping through them like a cyclone. Their numbers thinned and we survived this encounter, I just want all these bloody undead gone already, preferring even the Flame over this plague.

With Regards,

Neoveilius Orsino

Session 4
Darcassion Pandarus's Official Report

_The 18th of Red Wolf, 3123

I will make my report brief. Two weeks have passed since our confrontation with the Storm Mage and his summoned elementals across the Malakar Dominion border. As my fellow Grey Rangers were dealing with the growing refugee issue, I had escorted a a small group of new Grey Ranger recruits as they were traveling through Elvish lands. Crossing Lorelei two days Eastward, we came across a small village being attacked by all things…skeletons. They were dispatched fairly quickly but the source of their necromantic master eluded us. As they continued their journey, I turned back to Lorelei and reported my findings to Sgt. Rallidon and Company.

Just as we were going to head towards the direction I had came from to investigate further, a report came in from the village of Greentree that another undead sighting has taken place. Assessing our abilities, all agreed that we should seek out a druid to accompany us and perhaps don the Grey Cloak in the process. That recruit happened to be Fawn Moonsinger, a neophyte of the old ways. All agree that she fills a void that we as a collective lack…at least until our Aevakar sorcerer, Shaumar, returns.

On our first night of patrol, we were ‘attacked’ by a small cadre of undead human skeletons. They posed no real threat as we were well armed with blunt weapons to meet their attack. We followed their tracks which led us to the source of the problem; a lone human necromancer who had recently summoned another band of undead skeletons, one with a much larger frame than the others. The lone necromancer proved formidable and deadly. Some of us during the pitch battle witnessed one of his macabre incantations, where he literally sucked the soul out of Noevillius’s horse in mid-ride. The fight came to its end when Gratien landed the death blow with his newly acquired lance on the Necromancer. While we were not able to question him due to his rightful demise, some of his notes were uncovered. Written in the Shay language, we learned that his ‘master’ dispatched him to the Elvish lands in order to ‘test their defenses’…which translates in my opinion to The Grey Rangers.

It is my belief that this threat should not be taken lightly. The Elvish Lands had seen its share of war from the Kal Empire’s iron fist but has not been sullied ever by the corrupted undead of Shaya’nor. If this was just one test of our defense, there will assuredly be more to come. It is my recommendation that other Gray Ranger Outposts in the nearby vicinity be notified and we as the Rangers of Lorelei learn more about this potential threat from the North while remaining diligent with our neighbors of the Malakar Dominion.

Yours Humbly,

Darcassion Pandarus_


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