Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

What we did this All Hallow's Eve
or "On releasing an ancient evil"

A few of us had some bad dreams regarding a young Eldaakar girl named Cyria. Apparently when the veil between worlds was thin she could appear and converse with the living. Being nosy and inquisitive we, of course, had to find out more about her. To that end we found the present day location of her village which was, apparently, destroyed approximately 3000 years ago. We were set upon by an ancient tree spirit and defeated it through force of arms and magic. Unfortunately this was all a machination of an ancient Vampire Lord (insert name once Rich tells us). We discovered that Cyria had been sacrificed to chain the Vampire to the tree in order to hold him captive. I blame myself for not knowing the proper ancient texts. Unfortunately we now have a master Vampire seeking to regain it’s former glory, almost certainly at the world of light’s expense….. Our Ranger group must make every effort to correct our mistake.

Letter to Home
This letter was recieved from Paladin Reshef.

Hey old man—sorry, “Grandmaster Bartholomew” I know it’s been a while since I’ve reported in, but I’m sure you’ve gotten word of some of my shenanigans up to this point. I’ve been doing as you told me…training by day, studying by night, and dreaming with our mutual friends in between. one in particular has been showing herself more and more while I’m awake, warning me and my companions of danger, and our conversations are incredibly pleasant, even though her mind is so…alien. anyways, on to my ‘report.’

I got here easily enough, everyone was happy to take a new recruit, even someone who, like me, is still in training. I may have gotten my journeyman title, but I know I’m a far cry from taking a student yet. I’ve been running with all kinds of people. elves, catfolk, ogres, orcs, you name it, all united under our common banner, all in good cheer, and all out to crush some assholes who would threaten the peace.

Speaking of which, I owe you a fight and a Pint when I get back, turns out you were right about those portals. people were getting sacrificed left and right out there. that issue has been RESOLVED, and should have been in the priest’s report. Junior Paladin Allera is safe and sound, we got there just in time. she wisely took a week to visit family and get some R&R, she badly needed it. (Speaking of which, did you tell her I was going by any chance? hey, dont roll your eyes at this letter like that, dammit, we dont have vows of chastity!)

After that incident, I headed to my new posting, where the spirits were incredibly restless, even more than normal. people were complaining of nightmares that all focused around a little girl, about 10 or so-ish, features varied, but she consistently warned of danger and or scared the bejeezus out of everyone. we were able to surmise a general location from the night visions and went out to investigate. At the bottom of a MASSIVE tree, and indeed, a Tree Monster (Treant? Whomping Willow? Ornery Oak?) we solved the mystery.

welp, the good news, boss? we saved someone who, far as we can tell, was an Anchor for some really serious magic, and was talking to people using telepathy. the bad news? that giant tree was keeping away a powerful vampire. put the Elites on alert IMMEDIATELY. we didnt even stand a chance. he pummeled the hell out of us so easily, Asmodeus himself would have made a Scrying Crystal just to record the event. Whoever this guy is, he’s got an agenda, or is working for someone, not just a nameless pair of fangs. watch your back, Old Man.

unfortunately, per our agreement…..[letter is thick with ink, showing hesitation]….I have to inform you that the occurrences leading up to my ability to channel celestial energies is beginning to manifest once more. I dont believe it is any coincidence that the full moons draw near once again just as I began coughing up blood. last time, I had the other changes we discussed. this time however, I can feel it in my soul. the changes are going to be more drastic than a color change and being able to make my sword smash evil shit. I dont think it coincidence either that our one friend in particular is shadowing me. I think she’s either curious, or may have some idea as to what’s going on. I’m not in danger of losing my mind just yet. my thoughts are my own, and my resolve is still just as steeled as it was the day I left.

I’m gonna get some sleep. we’re back at town as of my finishing this letter, and I can already smell a hot meal, a hot bath, and at least an entire day of sleeping, fixing my gear, chugging ale, and sleeping some more. I remember my oath as well: anything comes up, I’ll grab one of the mages around here and have them Over-Night you a Flying Kite with a message asap, just like this one.

Be sure to trim that beard, you old Goat,
Mavi “Maverick” Reshef

PS. I wasnt kidding about Allera. she’s my age, but keep your eye on that one. I found her in a room surrounded by dead cultists, using nothing but her fists and the Light as her weapons. that is NOT rookie level stuff, boss. she needs a trainer asap. And dont look at me, you and I both know I’m trying to figure out my own issues.

Aodh's Journal Entry 22
Rangers of Lorelei: 28th of Raining Leaves, Hill To The North

I woke up this morning, the other Rangers were talking about Cyria, an Eldakar girl around 10, and as they described her, I recognized the hill was around an area to the North. We travelled to this hill after I recognized they were describing it.

This tree was giant, and in the middle of the night a giant Tree Entity, decidedly I call him Trent
He left a few splinters in my hand but he went down due to some teamwork from the Rangers.

Then we realized our mistake, this vampire creature thing, came out from nowhere and laughed in our faces, we had released something horrible in addition to Cyria.

I was later told it was some kind of “Master Vampire” thats like 3000 years old. Ridiculous.

That’s all for this entry.

Grey Ranger Report by Cpl Darcassion Pandarus

13 Falling Leaves, Greentree

Our group of Rangers returned to Greentree after a two week R&R and began our routine patrols. Our first day back was anything but routine as we were awoken by the screams of the people. Unnatural man sized creatures, best described as ‘slug like beings with bat wings’ descended upon the townsfolk, snatching children, flying eastward bound.

I was awakened by Corporal Whit and immediately began to fly after them from a safe distance. The rest of the Rangers followed blindly Eastward.

After flying throughout the night, the creatures descended into a cave. Luckily, I spotted a druid below in my flight and recruited him to assist in rescuing the children, although being severely outnumbered. When I snuck into the cave, the slug like creatures were asleep. My the grace of the Silver Unicorn, I was able to quietly enter without rousing the beasts and the compliant children quietly exited the cave. With a well placed arrow, I knocked out a supporting rock that held a large boulder over the cave mouth, causing an avalance and trapping the beasts inside.

With the help of the druid, we headed back west towards Eldara.

Meanwhile, the rest of the rangers led by Corporal Whit traveled Eastward. Needing to cross the fjord with a boat, they ditched their horses and commissioned passage across. Camping out, Ranger 1st Class Aodh was attacked by his nemesis, an adept from the Malakaran House of Jvorik. Fight ensued with Aodh mentally under his control. The adept was eventually taken down and bound.

I met up with my fellow Rangers on a crossing nearby Eldara. It was decided that the House Jvorik Adept would be turned in to the Eldaran authorities for arrest. The children then were safely escorted back to the welcoming arms of their parents in Greentree.

When in Greentree, I spoke to my contact, Vincent Pacifico regarding the names of House Nordd operatives that were provided to me. The House Nordd presence in the area has been severely weakened and the merchant-agents have been laying low.

It is my feelings that we should take advantage of the knowledge we have of the presence of the hidden agents and strike them down now before the possibility of them regaining their ability to turn the tide on us.

Cpl Darcassion Pandarus

Field Report 19
Shopping, Training, and Romancing; Oh My!!!

2nd to 12nd of Forest Dance

Dear Headquarters ,

Given some leave by the Lieutenant, all of us were permitted to dabble in personal activities. Regrettably, I surveyed their consciousnesses and listen to the gossip to better gauge what each had plan for the upcoming two weeks. Here what this resourceful servant to the gray cloaks has learned. A proper introduction would be narrating my own endenvors, particularly gaining a master in the Way. Reaching to the Fae Nation captial of Eldera, inquiring for tuleage led me to an Alakar whom was adorned with a focus crystal. Learning in private during the time off, lets just say it appeared I was out of his league and even through arcantic knowledge on the way I showed I excelled. My line is quite proficient in the adept arts, thus it was no surprise frankly. However, it did allow me to embrace back to the basics, grasping more and honing my techniques.

Sergeant Rallidon Fyrforg practically isolated himself from the others, retrieving only minimal information while he graced our presence. Going to Lorelei, most of his free time was spent through acute observations to assimilate the fae tongue within that vast well of knowledge regarding other tongues. A meeting with the lieutenant , roaming the streets, and other activities got him versed quite quickly.

Stiele, Ash, and that unequivocal brawler Aodh headed to Eldara, yet their journey went further to the Dwarven lands of Stahlheim that was surrounded in controversy with the fae apparently. Ironically my fellow human in the martial artist persuaded them passage on a ship mostly, while Ash was vying for white-silver chain as he cried for the hundredth time. No idea why the Koridian seek a voyage. Training was arduous for the teacher, yet the student himself comprehended sorcery like a savant though it appeared martial training occupied that portion of the brain while healing him. Stiele swayed the Dwarves despite their current prejudices with Aodh’s help for some disdain on Ash probably. Fortunately, Ash did find one shop keep willing to sell to him. Somehow he acquired the chain mail, yet some comedy ensued as the Kor-In practitioner tried to get a wooden weapon given to him. Most Dwarves were confused, pondering if he wanted a club or metal attached for a sword. Told he better off go to Eldara he went back with them. Sailing to the Fae lands he acquired the tonfas of everwood, and most impressive Aodh grasped the arcane arts.

Whit went to the library to gather more knowledge towards joining the Lore Wardens. Having a librarian even his odds as he examined all sort of books that was keen towards his objective. I could not imagine the patience it took nor the headache conjured through the pop quizes he threw onto the Dwarf. Needless to say he was an intelligent one filled with wondrous ideas for inventions, hence the two weeks were good for him as he returned even brighter than before.

Exploiting that agility of his wings, the Corporal flew out of the region back into enemy lines in the Kal-a-Nar Empire. Stealth or luck was guiding him for no confrontations were mentioned or read in his subconscious. Truthfully he may just not register every foe he kills with that bow. Darcassion gained intel through a former member of the Maelstrom now a member of the Unchained on his former commander Arvid ki Sigmar. Inspecting closer back home it dawned on him to ask the newly promoted bar owner Vinnie on information in Greentree. That investigative side proved true for two merchants by the names Dante La`coni and Fredo Nicodemo may be Red store agents or from house Norrd. Irregardless this was priceless clues for the troubles these Malakarians were inflicting in this area lately.

Gratien long name I forget headed to Malak to talk to his beloved bodyguard of house Malak through enemy lines. He found Evette though it appeared his wallet could not handle her exotic tastes and was quite fluster. An attempted mugging of the two foreigners made things steamy, and it further strengthen their romance. I do wish he was the individual I did not pry my disciplines upon, learning a little too much that evening on flexibility and certain regions one does not wish to see of their comrade. No matter, I have much liquor awaiting me but that is all I have for everyone reading this.

I Really Do Not Get Paid Enough,

Ranger Dario Alejandro Del Vibora

My Crazy Trip to the Ocean
I Have a What Now?

I started to head to Artivan’s office when I heard him yelling get out. I quickly discover that Kassegore has yet again made another of this island crazy. Well in all good faith, turn about should be fair play.

I quickly step in his way and ask if he’s had a chance to look over the requisition requests that I have filled out. After all he is the quartermaster. He snarls at me.

I tilt my head at him and say: “That won’t work with me, I do know that you are quite intelligent and currently have the full ability for speech. I’m not one of those that you need to keep on their toes. Would you like to try that again?”

Kassegore’s responds “It is an acceptable response. Given the nature of your requisitions I’d prefer not to dignify it with words.” He will tries to leave at this point.

I get the following objections:
Whale – You will get no response. He’s not going to dignify it with anything other than a stamp that says “DENIED.”
Cleaning fluid – Denied. You’re not on cleaning staff.
Horse – Redundant and inefficient use of resources.
Boat – At such a time the Rangers acquire a river-worthy craft use will be determined on a case by case basis.
Pets – Personal expenses, you’re paid. Stop wasting my time.

If pestered further he’ll look at Sky like he did Nightingale when he tore off the ogre-zombie’s cranial implant. It’ll shift to the look he sometimes gives Derrick Rufis or Cairos. It’s a look he gives right before he relays particularly unpleasant orders and he’ll give Sky a date and time to be at the Hero’s Heart Cafe for a shift as Rufis’ “drinking buddy.”

As he seems to pause for an answer, I look at Artivan’s closed door and say: “You seem to be getting worked up about this, I wonder if we should be troubling Artivan with this?”

Kassegore just looks at me, before heading off towards the warehouse. Feeling closer to my age than I have in a long while, I start acting like one of the younger teenagers from back on the island. Mostly repeating the questions of “Why?” and “Why not?”

After a few minutes of this, Kassegore bares his teeth at me and tells me that I need to leave for a while. I take this as a wonderful order and head back to my room. I figure that most of the towns on this new island has been reached in a few days that I can get to the ocean before anyone misses me. But just in case I leave a note for Gunther and Felosia saying that I headed out exploring and should be back within 3 days. After all, the past three weeks—watching Kassegore almost take out an Orc, then having to find Father Salvator and lastly the shopping trip with Father Salvator and Derick calls for a reward.I should be back in time to be Rufis’ drinking buddy.

After leaving the notes where they could be found, I set off. I did sneak in and get a map to see which way the closest way to the ocean was. I do stop to check in on the newest members of the Rangers, since I hadn’t done that in the previous weeks and see how they are faring. The biggest complaint that they seem to all have is that the food isn’t as good or up to par as they were use to. I suggested that they head over to the Hero’s Heart and see if they could make some of the food they were use to. That seemed to cheer them up.

As it has been quiet, I forgot about the fact that we are not at peace. I didn’t make as good of time as I expected, dodging forces adds time. I figure that I can still spend another half a day, after looking at the map. By the end of the third day, I had to admit that I was lost. This island is much bigger than what I first thought.

At the middle of the fourth day, I find a nice farmer who states that I’m close and that near the ocean is a group of Rangers that I could possibly send word back to my post that I am alive. I take the farmer at his word and in two hours I found myself seeing a wonderful sight. Its been months since I’ve seen the ocean, and for a few hours I get caught up. As the sun starts to set, I see about finding the Rangers. After several hours, I come across a large tree that could hide me until dawn.

The next day, I start my search again for more Rangers. I am most certain that those back in Sog are going to tease me about not being able to read a map. I see several individuals harvesting the crops and they seem to want to hide from me, so I don’t stop to get better directions. Around noon, this old man waves me down and starts yelling at me to stop dinking around and get up to the manor and help the others. Among his yelling was detailed directions to this manor, so I waited him out and apologized for my tardiness and headed off. As I was leaving I heard him say: “With all of her dilly dalling, you would think that she was lost!” I didn’t want to have another lecture yelled at me, so I left him to his thoughts.

The manor that the old man spoke of, was surrounded by Rangers making several repairs. It looked like they were at the end of putting in some sort of platform in. I found out as I got closer, that this platform was going to be for the aid in the defense of the manor, so lots of individuals and gear could get to the top of the barricade faster. As they made it strong enough to carry the very large Orc, Grimjack, who makes Maa’ni look like a child.

I slowly and carefully make my way to the manor, as I really don’t want to come under fire from these six Rangers. They all look as imposing as Artivan can be. After a few minutes they start calling out to a Dwarf that heads my way. He introduces himself as Sergeant Rallidon Fyrforg and I introduce myself as Corporal from Sog. Before I can mention that I am lost, he asks for my help in getting the manor ready for the Rangers stationed here. Mostly it was looking out to see if any other enemy was lurking around.

Later that night I find out that the Sergeant and the five others; Geppert, Flint, The Murv, Roauk, Grimjack and Thraxx had come out to help out the Rangers that were stationed here. I thought that I heard them say this was Artimas, but when I went to look on the map, I didn’t find it there.

The next morning they invite me to travel with them, as they say its on the way back to Sog. I heartily agree, as I still have no clue as to were I am. I do manage to find out before we head off that there is no Adept that can reach Sog and let them know that I am ok. And I would reach Sog before any message that I might send. Artivan is going to be extremely mad at me.

I spend the first day out getting to know these new Rangers, mostly to distract myself from the problems back at Sog. When we camp for the night, it occurs to me that Artivan might actually demote me and that thought cheers me up. The next morning, however, I am depressed as I find out that it is the 9th of Raining Leaves. I am now a week over due!

As these thoughts come into my head, we start hearing weird sounds from up ahead. I ask if they would like for me to scout ahead and the answer was yes, but keep in sight. I was a bit confused as I headed off, though the answer did spark a debate as to the effectiveness of my scouting this way. It appears that the other scout was very wounded when she fell out of the sky.

I find a large group of Ratson, a weird looking Troll, several bats and dog-like creatures that are just off somehow, two Builders and a Necromancer. I head back and report what I saw, which wasn’t much. The group attempts to get close enough to smack them without being detected, although with the flat ground that wasn’t very close at all,

It was interesting seeing this group in action, even though there was a large group of enemies the fight was over quickly. Rorauk ran up to what I had thought was a Troll, which was a golem-ized Minotaur. It had a tail, which the others told me later was a scorpion tail with the poison sac. Rorauk using his fists, smashed the creature’s nose in with a upper-cut. I don’t think that the creature was put together well, as it turned in to goo from the hit.

The reason that the dogs looked wrong is that they were also changed. The bats had weird looking faces, those looked like someone put a sea slug’s head attached to a bat.

These creatures are just so, grotesque and the hit was so amazing, I didn’t see who took out two of the bats. I gather my senses to see who is still among those in the back and ask: “Who wants a ride to the middle of the fight, now!?” To which Thraxx answers: “I do!” I fly over to him and pick him off of his horse and get him as close as I can to the fight, before dropping him off. As I drop him off he says: “Thanks for flying Aevakar Airlines, when you need to deliver Archanon’s Justice quickly, there is no better choice!”

Three Ratson run up to him and before they could even swing at him, Thraxx takes them all out. As I watch the fight, the enemy attempting to get to us, I notice that the Necromancer is still attempting to cast something, so I shout back: “Are we really worried about what the caster is doing?” Rallidon shouts back yes, and I reply: “Do you want me to go take him out while you take care of this?” Again the answer is yes.

As I turn to head off to take out the Necromancer, the funniest thing happened. One of the Builders, turns and fires on the other. As that control golem is now in pieces, we have less enemies to fight. But the Builder wasn’t finished, he continued creating havoc for the enemy by using the creatures to attack the Necromancer and then each other.

When the Builder is the last, non-Ranger on the field, he very carefully raises his arms and calls out that he did it all for the beautiful angel. And if that wasn’t weird enough, the Builder called this out in Goblinesh. This Builder wants to help us and works with us to see if we can recover useful items. There are several casters that are recovered and at my interest and mention of Maggpie they send me home with two of them as well as some bracers.

We find that on one of the Minotaurs that there was a cannon attached to its back. After several of us attempting to remove it to see if we might be able to find out how it worked along with how it was attached, we had to give up as it was beyond us. Our new ally didn’t seem to mind us looking over the dead, but once we got near his control golem he would get animated. He would not have this reaction with me, but everyone else.

At Rallidon’s prompting I get assurances that the Builder will not use the control golem against us. Rallidon decides to allow the Builder to keep the control golem.

The next two days are very interesting, as the Builder tended to just follow me everywhere. The only times that I could get him to stay in a spot was if I promised to be back. As we get closer to the end town, Rallidon has me riding on the control golem to make sure that we don’t cause too much of a panic.

Rhion proves to have access to the river that Sog is near and I think that Rallidon has finally figured out that I was lost as he finds a captain that is willing and able to take the Builder, the control golem and I up to Sog. What Rallidon and I didn’t realize is that the Builder had done some scavenging himself.

During the trip back to Sog, the Builder tells me his name is Grak and that I should learn how to use the weapons that I now have. He kept insisting that I learn, even though I kept telling him these were for a friend. What finally ending the argument was when he said that “His beautiful angel should learn how to properly use the armor that is being made for her.” So I started learning.

I wonder what Artivan is going to say about what I am bringing back. And as I start to see Sog, I realize that what Grak is doing and what he has done is exactly what Ventti has done for Maeve.

Sog just got interesting.

Field Report 18
Who let the Childer out?

32nd of Dancing clouds

Dear Headquarters,

My blase` self has been preoccupied after the dreadful ordeal the citizens of this town has been stricken with and our return to the area was only temporary. Combining my know hows of cosmology, including the decrepit Eldakar vast quantity of knowledge summed up a ritual associated with the flame would not be too foolish to make such an endeavor here , but outside the borders for a logi. More acclaim should be included for the brilliance of the Dwarven Wrights, fascinating wisdom grafted to my mind from the gadgets of Corporal Withenbrow Brimstone. Modifying, complicating it, and overall making it a more permantent tool of warfare; this hot oil cannon definitely would find its usage….maybe even for culinary purposes too. Leaving with the others, we ventured to the first loci in the territory of the Dominion.

End of the day we reached the first loci

Late afternoon on the 33rd of Dancing Clouds

We stroll into the village of Cittadina that now frequented with Childer. Time was stunned itself, gazing at the roaring heat of a ball conjured of fire greeting half of the rangers, the sagacious acolyte resting on the belltower of the church where the loci was sensed through by my adept abilities as we entered. Aodh either knew no concept of caution or simply repleted with courage, whichever it was he charged into the frey, though a small blockade was met through with a ratzin. Ash or some obscere way I have yet to write properly graced all of us through a prayer to the silver unicorn, reinvigorating the rangers as Gratien mimicked a similar charge, displaying his people’s xenophoic fury by a swift sundering strike from the lance, goring the approaching minotaur . In his moment of triumph the Camonere alerted us of the presence of gargoyles. Though I focused on stealth, I knew that mad dwarf was in action as that oil cannon fried the flesh of the vile beasts of flame. Gratien wasn’t fairing too good after his valorous assault, one Minotaur cosumed in rage, making him gush of blood while other rat minions attacked the horse he rode.

Corporal Darcassion was turning into our emissary of fear regarding the rangers, hearing screams from enemies line as he sniping through eyes, noses, or heads of every creature nonchalantly. Whether they mock me for the subtle approach I care not, observing and hiding my deadliest skills for everyone has a talent to define them. Killing a ratzin undetected from twenty or so feet away without notice is obviously beneficial. Combining their offense they helped him savor the opportunity to slay another.

Aodh heroically rushed passed the door where most of my accounts turn blank, exploiting the walls within as a portal appeared. He valiantly defended against the horde inside, tapping into the power blessed by the Unicorn and the Ascended perhaps , dispelling the portal to weaken the might of the acolyte and an invisible viper rending through a giant minotaur’s insides as he faded away. Everyone fought bravely, overwhelming their group. Most unprecedented for even this day was the Camonere dropping to his knees, cleansing the temple of evil and with that severing the power of the Lord of Minotaurs whom utilized a clone of himself to distract us, battling the martial artist in secret. Forced back to his dimension a brief victory was achieved, searching through his person to learn he was from the Maelstrom and a member of House Norrd. So that was all for a crazy battle, assuming they would appreciate my gifts in the future in subtle annihilation.

I Don’t Get Paid Enough,

Ranger Dario Alejandro Del Vibora

Field report session 17
Gang Warfare

Ranger Ash reporting on the events of 21st of Dancing Clouds involving the Lorelei contingent of Grayson’s Grey Rangers.

Upon becoming aware of impending hostilities between two Malakaran houses (insert names of houses) the Rangers of Lorelei returned to Greentree Village to render what assistance we could in protecting the caravans and citizenry.

After interviewing our informant, “The Rat”, Cpl. Whit ordered us to stealthily tail a Greentree caravan bound for Malakar. Darcassion flew overhead to provide overwatch. Spying four gargoyles incoming, Darcassion proceeded ahead of our troop and found the merchant guards doing remarkably well having already downed two of the four gargoyles and surrounded the other two. Our troop arrived just in time to render some small assistance in dispatching the last remaining gargoyle.

Shadowing other caravans led to no combat action.

On the night of (insert date) Stiele and Darcassion were on fourth watch patrol when they spied an impending attack by undead led by a necromancer to the North and Childer led by a probable thaumaturgist to the South. Stiele sounded the alarm and most of the remaining Rangers awoke. Darcassion skillfully placed an arrow in the thaumaturgists left eye both disrupting his magics and almost killing him. A second shot shortly thereafter to the thaumaturgist’s right eye finished the job. At this point the necromancer quit the scene, probable cause that he was there to counter the thaumaturgist and left once his “job” was completed for him.

I woke the remaining rangers while Cpl. Whit bombed the groups of undead dispersing them.

At this point our squad dispatched the remaining childer and undead. Unfortunately the Childer did manage to kill the Mayor and his family, as well as at least two other townsfolk.

I have taken custody of an eight year old survivor pending location of any surviving family.

Respectfully yours,

Ash, Ranger Private.

(Adjusted slightly to correct my Rank and to take credit of my tinkering. Whit)

Grey Ranger Report
Submitted by Corporal Darcassion Pandarus

To whom it may concern,

I apologize for the brevity of this report. I am still recovering to the best of my ability from our excursion to Greentree.

With Sgt-Minor Rallidon and Ranger First Class Gratien off on duty, my fellow Corporal Whit and I conducted the routine patrol. While in Greentree, local, Malakaran ‘businessman’ and sometimes informant ‘The Rat" (I would give his name but it is most likely fake) passed on some interesting information to us. A Northern Malakaran ’family’ has settled into a warehouse outside of Greentree, expelling the rightful owners. Not wanting it to disrupt his own business, The Rat wanted us to inspect the premise and see about expelling them on our own. Obviously concerned, our group obliged.

We scouted the warehouse and came to a startling conclusion. They were not housing wares but were in the process of constructing a temple of Ceynara (or at least where cultists can worship). A summoning had already taken place as we were overrun by minotaurs, ratzin, and a a gargoyle (which I quickly dispatched). As always, the Grey Rangers fought valiantly but the sheer numbers were too much to match. Overseeing the battle from the air as I was striking down the Childer with arrows, but it was to no avail….lives of the Grey Rangers were about to be lost. Without hesitation, I called out a prayer to the Silver Unicorn to come and aid us in our time of need. The Silver Unicorn responded. I remember being basked in a white glow and then seeing all of the Childer disappear. There was no time for celelbration or even react to what I had just seen. The vile forces of Flame immediately responded.

I do not recall much at this point. My companions told me that after I was bathed in a white glow, I had then disappeared along with the Childer. According to my compatriots, a gate to Norcann Dar was discovered inside the warehouse. I was laying unconscious on the wrong side of the gate. How they got me out, I do not recall or did not ask. However, as I now feel physically fine, albeit a tad weak, I came out of the portal scarred. A mark of flame now scars my forehead. What it means, I do not know. I intend to seek council with the Elder Druid as to how this can be rectified as I do not want to be a detriment to the Grey Rangers.



Down time for the rangers

Aodh, Dario and Whit have some down time.

Dario made a mask
Aodh tried to learn sorcery
Whit knowledge history and patrol


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