Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

Field report Session 26 33rd Harvest Moons

Unholy Alliances

It is my duty to report a disturbing happening. Our Ranger contingent tracked a group of evil-doers through some burned out towns. Upon overtaking the perpetrators we found a dense bank of obscurement set up by an enemy mage using high magic. As if that was not enough the enemy consisted of several arc-casters, minotaurs, ratzen, and builder golems. this suggests an alliance of sorts amongst our enemies. I strongly suspect this is done at the behest of the being that is taking prisoners and using them as experimental material to construct “golems” of sorts.

In any case, shaylene and I used our respective magics to provide light to counter the obscurement. This was to little avail as the enemy caster was puissant in his use of high magic. That is, until Darcasion put 2 arrows through both eye sockets. The 2 golems merged into a “super golem” of impressive size and potency. It took all we had to bring it down. Murvoth and Grimjack did a “rope a dope” with it confusing it’s programming and tearing into it’s tough metal hide. The shear numbers of enemies was dismaying. Finally we prevailed and managed to route the enemy forces.

I fear this is only the beginning…. Further reports to follow….


This is terrible report, no mention of Goblinesh tag team on that thing. Not all about the Fae – Murvoth


I think I had drunk too much at that point. I remember coming back and the thing had 3 wounds on it. I assume that’s what you’re talking about? Fixed! :)


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