Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

Session 25

Arcmancy e.e Ugh

Ranger Report 25

17th Harvest Moons

Written by Aodh B. Raganhar

Present Rangers: Gratien, Darcassion Pandarus, Ash, Stiele, Whit, and Myself.

We ride back to Lorelei after getting Gratien’s ribs back into place.

(( Street-Wise Rolls ))

We receive words that Malakaran’s that aren’t the ordinary merchants and such
from town, and have been traveling back and forth from town for weeks.

Vinnie says they have been asking around about us, and who we are. ((Jvorik))

Whit attempts to make a mechanical torch.

18th Harvest Moons

Darcassion and Whit receive word a man is in town, and go meet him in a a local

The art of parlay, begins as Darcassion and Whit begin to question this Malakaran.
He beats around the bush a lot, but does say he wants/wanted to know more about

(( Notice Rolls ))
(( Hand Caster at his side ))

Whit points it out, with a response of “It helps with certain obstacles.”

19th Harvest Moons

More questions being asked, stories being told.

20th Harvest Moons

I stalk the Captain all day, and Darcassion flies in, and apparently the kids
that were with said Captain were watching in amazement, were reported missing.

No serious incidents though, as they were under my watch as I followed the

21st Harvest Moons

Malakarans leave, I follow to border and return home without incident.

(( Notice Roles after being sent by Lieutenant I succeed))

(( One Move Action ))

(( More Notice Roles ))

We are ambushed by the Malakarans that had previously visited Lorelei.

blood splatters

Now there are a bunch of bodies everywhere. We have a broken down golem with us,
a couple of arc lances and captives. Whit is also now in love with a builder.



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