Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

Saving the Villagers

Well, most of them......

Having gotten the children to safety, our group proceeded to the nearest village where we expected to find the parents trapped and/or sacrificed. Our thirst for vengeance, whilst unbecoming, was welcome for the strength of purpose it instilled. We attempted to stealthily approach the village, unfortunately Aodh does not know the meaning of the word stealth. Sometimes I fear that he LITERALLY does not know the meaning of the word stealth….. Seeing the watch gargoyle ahead of us flying back to the village I precast a spell of quickness on our group and we approached with a typical frontal assault (note to self, whenever possible pre-cast obscurement upon myself….) The village seemed well guarded by archers and a minotaur well above the normal size of minotaurs. Aodh, in typical fashion (it truly is bravery, though I doubted for a while) charged the foremost archers and slew one. I detailed Bait to follow Gratien in while I called down a rain of purple fire on two archers and the great minotaur (note to self, it would be more efficient to simply use 3bolts if I have less than 4 targets in the blast area of Ash’s rain of fire). The two archers were incinerated and the great beast seemed to be hurt, but he shrugged it off. It was the that Darcassion proved his worth once again by putting an arrow in each of the monstrous creatures huge eyes. The great horseman Gratien charged to Aodh’s side with bait at his heels. Another archer was slain on the end of Gratiens lance. then the hidden enemy archers opened fire. My deflection and cover proved their worth as 4 archers failed to pierce my eye socket. Gratien was struck twice but managed to shake off the hideous blows! Aodh rushed inside the building seeking to slay the archers. Unfortunately he found another minotaur, 4 Malakar warriors and some kind of Malakaran dreadlord. I called upon my angelic minions both to light the area and heal Aodh’s wounds while Bait supported Aodh in melee combat. I used the lesser bolts to clear out 2 archers from their cover. Inside the battle went poorly for a while, Aodh almost dying for the second time. Then the odds tilted our way, I killed 4 more archers with the lesser bolts leaving only 1 to fire. Stiele and Gratien moved in to support Bait and Aodh, all of the creatures insdie were slain with the exception of the Dread lord who was protected by a deflection. Aodh and Stiele noticed some sounds from the basement below. As they went to investigate, the dread lord flew straight at me and I was hard pressed to defend myself from his blood iron weapon. Inevitably I lost my hold on the deflection and quickness as I felt the sting of blood iron once more. (note to self, TRULY I must take better care of myself if I am to maintain buffs on the group). Apparently feeling his job of disrupting my spells done, the dread lord assaulted Darcassion (did I mention the dread lord was flying?). He sorely wounded Darcassion, it was then that Stiele and Aodh slew the enemy mage lurking in the basement. At that point the battle was a foregone conclusion. We saved many of the villagers, unfortunately many more were sacrificed to the evil patrons of these fell creatures.



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