Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

Report and Opinions on the Mission from Ranger Del Vibora

Infiltration and Massacre of the West

Dear Headquarters,

Dark Moons 33rd

A harsh march with time of the essence pressed against us after engaging in a skirmish with the vile monstrosities of the abyss or wherever they came from if those reading must be a stickler to their cosmology. Sergeant Major Fyrforg proposed I discard my form and inflitrate into the area where the civilians were threatened to be sacrificed. Odd for having support by some Alakar foresters and people whom from past adventures could see possess Malakarian features but their politics could not be thought of currently. Ranger Raganhar followed along to help with the covert operation, though I found him better as a distraction than anything else. On the positive thoughts I knew he could handle himself well.

Those thoughts fell true as I slipped past our enemies while my fellow rangers entered a fierce skirmish with the combination of magic, arcmancy, arrows, and steel. With my luck those dreaded red store agents were in allegiance, and of course they were bare the colors or symbols of Proprietor Luvon. Can he just quit, his organization already is suffering and he wants more failure? Aodh made a good entrance to keep them preoccupied while bidding my time, pulverizing the opposition with some good obscured force of calamity with the Vibora’s venom without knowing the wiser. That conveniently was when our forces overran the perimeter, our group prevailing with only some injuries at worse for us, yet theirs suffering heavily. Now they can run back and Vibora’s hunt with those coins can commence.

I welcome reassignment,

Ranger Dario Alejandro Del Vibora



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