Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

Field Report from Reshef 2

Not too sure what in the Abyssal Hell is going on out here, but I’m seeing a reoccuring theme: those rat things that were improved with machine parts. they were a pain in the but to take down, but our team managed. I ended up being able to do little besides swing my sword and block with my shield in the engagement. I need to work on my speed. a tank is no good unless he’s taking hits meant for others.

that cave we went into had all sorts of contraptions and machinery, and a working elevator platform. we were greeted with an assumption that we were fresh test subjects and a whole mess of bad guys that were backed up by golems, including a massive one that exploded upon damaging it.

still sifting through the rubble, and then we plan our next move, but man I hope we get to the bottom of this soon. we dont need anyone else getting hurt, especially with those mutant chimera creatures running around.

those wierd bat things? some people are actually trying to experiment on the fluid they found in the belly sacs. gross, man.



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