Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

Ash's report on the events on or about Dark Moons 33rd.

The light shines on us.

Obviously we have attracted the interest of both Archanon AND the Silver Unicorn! Our two groups met up outside of a village where Fae were being prepared for sacrifice. With our contingent of rangers came some Fae archers and some Malakarans who were most assuredly NOT servants of Leo Donetella. We planned a careful assault under the guidance of the Sgt. Major. Our initial assault caught the enemy completely by surprise and we quickly held the advantage. The battle was vicious, but we never relinquished that initial push and quickly slaughtered or drove off the occupying forces. Our own casualties were, thank Archanon, non-existent whilst the enemy forces suffered almost total destruction. Our reward was seeing the gladdened faces of those Fae saved from a gruesome death on the altars of sacrifice.

We have placed our mark upon this land. Let it be known we will tolerate NO intrusion upon the borders of the Fae nation!



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