Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

Ash's personal report on the events of 12th to 14th of Harvest Moon

Eldakaar and Trolls just don't splice!

After escorting the freed villagers back to their homes to much rejoicing (I hear they are going to build a statue to our honor and have taken to naming children after us, silly humans) we continued our pursuit of the “thing” that we suspected had taken the Eldakaar mage’s head. After tracking the abomination to its lair, an abandoned tower lying in ruins, we heard a voice of apparent reason emit from a dark blot on the landscape. The voice admonished it to leave or it would lose control and have to drive us away. Correctly suspecting that this was the mage we had been seeking, we bent to the attack in order to restore the natural balance. Failing to initially harm the creature with our attacks, the mage and I played a game of “lights on, lights off”, until it grew vexed with me and closed into combat. After surviving it’s gross attack upon my person, our group managed to take the beast down by removing it’s head from it’s body and burning the body. The mages ghost app.eared and thanked us for freeing its spirit from captivity. The tower had belonged to its mentor and it retreated to the tower in order to rest its troubled soul. The mage gifted me with a power storing stave and we buried his body and head with full honors.



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