Shaintar J&L Rangers of Lorelei

All that matters is that 8 stood against many!!

Field report 3rd - 5th of White Stag (ish)

We tracked the vile killers of High Druid Evoran Starborn to one of his home groves/nexus lines. There Druidess Shayline (who has my vote for high Druidess) began the 24 hour ritual to sanctify the grove while we posted guards. Unsurprisingly an attack was launched by a mixed group of abominations and builders theoretically working for the Chimaera. We drove them off with ease and resumed our watch/rest. another hour passed us by and a second minor assault commenced. Realizing that we were in for a LONG night we husbanded our resources as we destroyed several minor attacks.

On the dawn of the next day on or abouts White Stag 5, Ranger Darcassion flew in with grim news. A mixed army of approximately 1000 collared ratzen with minotaur handlers, control golems, and several leader types wearing elite builder armor approached our position. Unfortunately this led to Shayline having to abandon her attempts to finish the sanctifying of the grove.

A builder envoy approached us under flag of truce. As the ranking officer present, Corporal Murvoth strode out to meet with the envoy over my well reasoned objections. As expected, the “diplomacy” was short, messy, and possibly created the game of “golf” as Corporal Murvoth sent the envoy’s (minus his body) into a rabbit hole all the while yelling “THIS IS LORELEI!!!!”. I must admit, even if only in this report, that I found his handling of the situation both refreshing and gratifying as the “envoy” was the deceased remains of an Eldakar stuck in builder armor.

Unfortunately, rather than managing to delay the assault until some minor reinforcements Darcassion had informed us were on the way arrived, the first wave of builder troops were upon us.

Grimjack and Murvoth strode forth laying waste to minotaurs and lesser golems. Darcassion drove their entire air corp from the sky. Whit turned the very forest against them as his inventions threw sharp spikes that rended Ratzen flesh. Stiele stood by Grimjacks side to keep the lesser creatures off the huge ogres back so that he could deal with the larger targets. I created a fog that kept the second wave off our backs while we slaughtered near 100 of the foe.

Of course, for those who can do math, that left 900………

Throughout the next 2 or 3 days (they blended together) we received reinforcements, split the heavens to drop fire and ash upon the enemy, slaughtered hundreds with our chosen weapons of war and, in the fullness of time, broke the force that assaulted us. Truly it was a battle worthy of the name!!!

Corporal Murvoth was the one who suffered most, losing his boon companion “Chewie”, a Wyvern verging on full growth. A great victory we had, but we paid for it with many lives. I fear there is yet more to come…….



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